1 Million Cups Presenter: Kristen Manieri and Orlando Date Night Guide

Orlando Date Night Guide shared their new subscription model, Orlando Date Night Discovery Club. Kristen Manieri is the creator of the concept. Orlando Date Night Discovery Club is a subscription business model that provides couples with date night itineraries and discounts for experiencing Central Florida and packaged neatly to your door for two dates a month. Even better, to ensure couples don't fall into a rut, conversation cues are included to keep things interesting and learn something new about significant other. What kind of questions? What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon as a child and why do you think you loved it so much? Second question: You have just written a book abo

How much do ineffective and inefficient meetings cost your company?

The Cost of Ineffective and Inefficient Meetings One of my favorite social channels is LinkedIn, it is a rich resource of articles that address all forms of business issues. Not the front of the refrigerator stuff, rather research, information that helps to better a business and a leader. One of the best organizations to follow is the Center for Creative Leadership. An article posted in January caught my attention - How to Incorporate Storyboarding to Make Meetings More Efficient by Mary Shacklett (Jan 24, 2017) As leaders, we should always strive to demonstrate the best skills we want our staff to model. I recently asked for feedback from my staff and found out there was a request to keep o

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