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Meet Landen Conner, Digital Storyteller and Consultant

1) What industries have you built your career around? I built my career around serving and educating people on the importance of how they appear to their potential client, spouse, or employer. I also make them photogenic, noticeable and stand out from the crowd.

2) Why did you choose to be a consultant? I incorporated becoming a consultant into my photography career, as a result of my previous history of being a pharmacist. I saw the value that could added to others lives by educating them on what to look for health wise. The same principle applies to a large degree with a photo. Realizing if I can pay attention to detail, and produce an image that can change a person’s life in a matter of seconds.

3) Why did you choose photography as a career path? I chose this career initially because my best friend introduced me to the field. Initially I was not known to like pictures. I always corrected others and said, “ I do like pictures, I just don’t like bad ones or photos that look like everyone else’s, who does?” Every individual in this world is unique. So I challenged myself to learn, to train, and to portray the client’s personality in one of a kind imagery. Along my journey, I noticed something very interesting. I noticed as soon as I clicked the camera’s button, how one person’s life would be changed in an instant for the better. The person see themselves in a different light. Traits such as boldness, beauty, confidence, and inner healing would manifest. The joy, healing, smiles, and excitement, I consider to be priceless and that is why I love my career as a photographer.

4) What would you like us to know about your client base, I would like people to know that my client base are “NOT” and I repeat “ARE NOT” all models. I would say 95% of them are not models. I work everyday ordinary people who decided to give me 5-10 minutes of their time in exchange for an experience that will forever affect their life positively.

5) How many years in your profession? I have been doing photography for 5 years and pharmacy for less than 10 years.

6) Degrees, certifications, and specialities? I have a pharmD in pharmacy.

7) Do you publish or write for any publications? I have 4 articles that I current finishing about “Why your headshot matters.” I also have a video interview called “Beyond the Pill” that will give inside natural ways to combat the everyday disease states that people are diagnosed with.

8) Family - spouse, children? I am married.

9) Community engagement? I currently serve my community by volunteering my photography services to the River of Life Christian Center. I also volunteer my photography services for “The Angels of Destiny” organization, who ministers into the life of the youth to help guide them into their desired career paths.

10) Favorite quote? Matthew 7:12 - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

11) Best reads and why? Mindset (Carol Dweck) - This book help me understand human thinking and why people are shaped, molded to why they think and act as they do. The Introvert Edge (Matthew Pollard) - I had to realize and embrace who I was truly was 40% extrovert and 60% introvert. This is the Day (Tim Tebow) - This book helped me in my walk with Christ. It helped me with gain a clear direction of how to use my photography gift for helping people heal.Boundaries(Henry Cloud) - We all need healthy boundaries. The Total Money Makeover (Dave Ramsey) - This book changed my life. It gave me guidance on how to operate a business, my life, without the use of debt.

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