Welcoming Ambar Vizcarrondo @ Pivot

It sometimes takes a few days out in the sweltering Florida sun and some dirt to make a realization happen. For Ambar Vizcarrondo, a previous intern as an Ecological Technician and our newest Human Resources Intern at Pivot Business Consulting, she’s grateful for the realization. Now she gets to direct her time and energy towards what matters to her more – helping others and getting businesses or-ga-nized. Through her internship with us at Pivot, she is helping us to streamline our hiring, onboarding and training processes. When she’s not doing that, she’s studying for her Associates in Office Administration at Valencia College and saving up to get a super cool motorcycle. In the next five t

You Need to Know Who is the “Bright Jack Bouchie”

Jack Bouchie Web & Graphic Design Intern Jack Bouchie graduated from West Orange High and currently attends Valencia College where he is majoring in Graphic Design. He wants to do freelancing work in the future and develop an online presence for himself where Jack can use his client interaction skills- gained from this internship at Pivot Business Consulting- to reach prospective job opportunities. Jack’s advice for new interns is “be open to new experiences.” As The Mediator, Jack does find that he takes his work personally and values purity of intent over rewards, but unlike the 16 Personalities assessment, Jack likes dealing with data. A job responsibility he will deal with even as a free

You need to know who the "Wonderful Corey Perry"

Corey Perry Video Production Intern Corey Perry graduated from Alonso High School and is currently attending Valencia College, where he intends to major in Motion Graphics. Corey aspires to work on his own big projects that could help him get a job with Marvel Studios by using the industry skills that he will learn here at Pivot Business Consulting, his first internship. His advice to future students looking for an internship is to know what you want and what to expect. Something that he didn’t expect is his personality profile being The Protagonist. He says that it’s the “most accurate test I’ve taken so far, but sensitivity [didn’t feel accurate]...or maybe I’m just being overly sensitive

You Need To Know Who Is “The Awesome Roger Guerrero”

Roger Guerrero, Marketing/Sales Intern (Rollins College) Welcoming Roger Guerrero to our Pivotopian team. Roger graduated from Valencia College and now attends Rollins College, Hamilton Holt School. He is currently seeking a degree in Economics with a minor in Business Management which Roger will use to predict financial opportunities to benefit any company, and advise his future employer on economic trends that can generate significant revenue. The research and analysis skills he wants to gain here at Pivot Business Consulting will benefit Roger’s future employers especially since he sees himself going into strategic planning. Roger’s advice to other interns is “always be motivated to lea

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