Social Media: Let’s Do It Right

I love social media. It’s possibly one of the most incredible inventions ever to have existed, especially if you’re a business owner. But what I find amusing is that on a personal level, social media can be overbearing. There are so many pros and cons to social media. Pros What’s the overall benefit? Access A friend of mine used Twitter to contact David Marris, who came to speak to our Rollins College accounting class about his experience with Biovail--after turning down an opportunity to speak at Harvard. If you’ve got an effective message, other people will do the work for you. “That Crazy Wrap Thing” is all over Facebook. I am fairly certain all of my female family members are That Crazy


The cool thing about working at Pivot is the ability to work on different projects. You get to learn and build on the knowledge from all the previous projects. Some decisions may not have worked out as planned, but that one decision that was unplanned may have sparked an evolution. I’ve had the great fortune to be able to work on a social media project from its inception. I saw the guidelines, worked with the creator, and we ran with it. It was amazing. It is amazing. Because we are still in the process. That’s what business is--an ever evolving process. What are some of the things I’ve learned so far? Love the process. Everything you do in your business IS A PROCESS. There will be ups and d

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