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1 Million Cups Presenter: Kristen Manieri and Orlando Date Night Guide

Orlando Date Night Guide shared their new subscription model, Orlando Date Night Discovery Club. Kristen Manieri

Dating made effortless

is the creator of the concept. Orlando Date Night Discovery Club is a subscription business model that provides couples with date night itineraries and discounts for experiencing Central Florida and packaged neatly to your door for two dates a month. Even better, to ensure couples don't fall into a rut, conversation cues are included to keep things interesting and learn something new about significant other. What kind of questions? What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon as a child and why do you think you loved it so much? Second question: You have just written a book about yourself. What is the title? The coupons and discounts alone can pay for the monthly subscription membership. Two of the discounts and specials for March included Farris and Foster's Chocolate Factory with a buy one get one free chocolate or truffle. Another discount is $10 off two tickets for the Great Escape Room. Check out this startup at to signup for an easy way to keep romance in your relationship.

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