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Welcoming Ambar Vizcarrondo @ Pivot

It sometimes takes a few days out in the sweltering Florida sun and some dirt to make a realization happen. For Ambar Vizcarrondo, a previous intern as an Ecological Technician and our newest Human Resources Intern at Pivot Business Consulting, she’s grateful for the realization. Now she gets to direct her time and energy towards what matters to her more – helping others and getting businesses or-ga-nized.

Through her internship with us at Pivot, she is helping us to streamline our hiring, onboarding and training processes. When she’s not doing that, she’s studying for her Associates in Office Administration at Valencia College and saving up to get a super cool motorcycle.

In the next five to ten years, she’s looking to get professionally certified as an administrative professional and work as an executive assistant for local companies.

Just like Gina Rodriguez, the actress best known for Jane the Virgin and Golden Globe winner, Ambar intends to be a Latina who inspires and empowers. Her bit of advice to interns? Know that every internship experience you have, good or bad, is shaping you for the career(s) that you aiming to take on.

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