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You Need to Know Who is the “Bright Jack Bouchie”

Jack Bouchie

Web & Graphic Design Intern

Jack Bouchie graduated from West Orange High and currently attends Valencia College where he is majoring in Graphic Design. He wants to do freelancing work in the future and develop an online presence for himself where Jack can use his client interaction skills- gained from this internship at Pivot Business Consulting- to reach prospective job opportunities. Jack’s advice for new interns is “be open to new experiences.” As The Mediator, Jack does find that he takes his work personally and values purity of intent over rewards, but unlike the 16 Personalities assessment, Jack likes dealing with data. A job responsibility he will deal with even as a freelancer. Some fun facts about Jack is his desire to visit the beautiful country of Japan. He enjoys the culture and had many friends tell him how great their experience was overseas. The last book he read was A Series of Unfortunate Events, an easy read that creates interesting fictional scenarios for the Baudelaire children.

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