Servant Leaders: Superheroes that Change the World

I love superheroes. There are so many to choose from. Let’s hear a shout out for Wonder Woman who kicks serious butt. Her character and costume are empowering and bad-ass. However, I digress, let’s do a quick check on superhero characteristics and who they are: Some live ordinary lives and had something extraordinary happen that gave them superpowers (think Peter Parker a/k/a Spiderman). Some have gone through transformations that make them realize the awesome responsibility of their power (think Tony Stark a/k/a Ironman) Some are born with superpowers that make them amazing (think Clark Kent a/k/a Superman) Some are regular Joes that save the world (think Peter Quill a/k/a Star Lord - Guar

Valencia College: Academic Partner

As an organizational consultant,one of my specialities is designing 5 Start Intern programs to helps clients bridge performance and process gaps. I pull from colleges and universities all over the country and I am partial to the schools in our own backyard. This week I am highlighting Valencia College. Join me in celebrating 50 Years as a powerhouse educational institution here in Florida. Their annual enrollment comes to 60,883 credit seeking students and makes the school the 3rd largest of Florida’s 28 community colleges in student headcount. (Valencia College 2017) For the past five years, I have been honored to work with Valencia College in a multitude of capacities. As an employer an

Servant Leadership, More than a Title

Who knows (or remembers) what an acrostic is? Ding, ding, ding! Time up -- according to, (Noun) a series of lines or verses in which the first, last, or other particular letters when taken in order spell out a word, phrase, etc. The acrostic I created uses qualities that I believe make up a servant leader. By no means, does this acrostic represent a limited list of this leadership model. It is a start. I want to break the word down into the tenants of what serving as a leader means. A leader is a title with meaning. It implies strength, quality, inspires, and instills confidence. Some people don’t see servant leadership as a viable model. In their head, serving implies

Amazon Vision Ministries - Client Spotlight

Amazon Vision Ministries (AVM), is a nonprofit located in Gainesville, Florida that was founded in 2002 by Joe Fincher and Pastor Gary Crawford. What started as a vacation fishing trip ended up with a calling to share Christ and their faith when they met the villagers. Mission trips are about serving others and sharing Christ with those that do not know the teachings of the bible. The primary verse that guides Christians to share their faith comes from Matthew 28:19-20,..“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to t

Trends in Employee Benefits - How to Make a Difference

When one hears the words employee benefits, typically health insurance pops into the mind (rightly so since the Center for Disease Control states there 28.4 million under age 65 uninsured in 2016), vacation, personal time, What exactly are the trending benefits employers offer to their employees outside of traditional benefits? Often times there is a misconception that employers are required to provide benefits like health insurance. Certainly, employees know how valuable health, dental, and vision plans, life insurance, retirement plans, and paid personal time off are. These benefits are tacked on to the employee salary and create a package that makes the employer more desirable. "Give emp

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