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Meet Regine Bonneau, Cybersecurity Expert and Consultant

Welcoming Regine Bonneau to our team as one of our consultants. I sat down with her to ask key questions that I wanted to know and share with our clients and prospective clients. This will help you to know her and the depth of experience and deliverables she brings to Pivot clients.

1) What industries have you built your career around? I have built my career around the Financial, Government, Healthcare Industries

2) Why did you choose to be a consultant? I chose to be a consultant because it allowed me more freedom to help my clients without the red tapes from working in a corporate environment. I am able to have the time to focus, get to know my clients, build a relationship with my clients that helps me understand their business and needs and properly serve them. I get to see everything. As a consultant, you get to meet others and build relationship with them and expand your knowledge resource base.

3) Why did you choose cybersecurity as a career path? I have been in Information Technology since I was introduced to it at the age of 12 programming in Junior high school. Throughout the years I have been fortunate to be able to understand the business side of technology and got into Governance, Risk and Compliance. Cybersecurity was a norm part of my daily life so it was normal to fully immerse myself in it. It is a key component in Information Technology and survival of companies today. Everything runs on Technology and now we need to protect it.

4) What would you like us to know about your client base? I don’t quite understand this question, but will give it a go: My client base is mostly government, department of defense, financial, and technology. They are very receptive of the need for cyber security and compliance. Then again these industries operates in a heavily regulated environment and so do their clients.

5) How many years in your profession? 22 years

6) Degrees, certifications, and specialties? I have a BS in Business and Finance, MBA, LLM, and I am a Certified Third Party Risk Practitioner (CTPRP)

7) What press or media have you received? I have been awarded the OBJ 40 under 40, OBJ Women who Means Business, African American Chamber of Commerce Central Florida Eagle Award for Emerging Business

8) Do you publish or write for any publications? I would like to publish and write more for publications. The last one I did was on Third Party Risk and Blockchain

9) Family - spouse, children? I am single with a six year old son

10) Community engagement? I am engaged in the community as a board member for APMC, mentor for young ladies, support HPC, United Way, Mentor at the Camaraderie Foundation and countless others.

11) Favorite quote? “The Pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill

12) Best reads and why? Traction because it helped me clear align my vision for the company with the team members needed. A New Earth- its helps you understand the state of being present in everything you do. Becoming – really helps you refocus, understand yourself as a woman and your value.

13) Best piece of advice you want to pass on to our readers: Being present in everything you do, understand who you are and the value you bring to anything you do will help in your success. Surround yourself with great mentors, colleagues and friends who appreciate you, and are your ambassadors to success.

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