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The cool thing about working at Pivot is the ability to work on different projects. You get to learn and build on the knowledge from all the previous projects. Some decisions may not have worked out as planned, but that one decision that was unplanned may have sparked an evolution.

I’ve had the great fortune to be able to work on a social media project from its inception. I saw the guidelines, worked with the creator, and we ran with it. It was amazing. It is amazing. Because we are still in the process. That’s what business is--an ever evolving process.

What are some of the things I’ve learned so far?

  • Love the process. Everything you do in your business IS A PROCESS. There will be ups and downs, stressful times and fun times, but you are running a business! You are accomplishing something remarkable.

  • Realize there are no mistakes, only opportunities for improvement. So that Social Media plug didn’t go as planned, so what? You tried it. You HAD to try it to find out it didn’t work right?

  • Never say never.

  • Never give up. (This is an exception to the never rule). Seriously, why are you going to pour your heart and soul into something that has the potential to be amazing and then just give up on it because you hit a bump in the road?

  • Google Analytics is possibly the coolest thing ever invented. Thanks, Google.

  • Embrace failure. It’s not really failing if you get back up again.

  • Keep your network open. If you go on a job interview, it comes down to you and another person, and the employer chooses the other person, find out who that other person is! (To learn from them and have a contact on the inside, of course.)

  • Be a sponge! Even when you get out of school, go to every public speech you can. Pick up a new hobby. is a phenomenal resource for business oriented subjects. Learn everything you can!

  • Network. Network. Network. Go to networking events. You never know who you are going meet.

The one thing successful business owners have in common is that they never give up. Failure isn’t an option. Instead, they evolve. We’d love to hear what you think!

Please feel free to comment on anything you see here or on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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