What I Learned From SlaterConsult’s e-Stimate Assessment About My Personality


I have been looking to be certified in a personality tool that encompasses 360 communication, leadership development, and team dynamics. When I met Bjoerg Larsen with SlaterConsult she shared a tool that is rolling out in the US from Denmark. This piqued my interest because I liked what she shared. The e-Stimate tool is new, easy for the end user to understand, quick to administer, has a proven track record, an established product with 15 years’ of hard science behind it, and versatile -- I can blend the servant leadership principles and program with this product.

After hearing more about the tool and seeing my results I was super excited. I knew I could use it when consulting with clients to improve employee experience and ROI for the company, offer it with my Intern Pursuit software to help employers and students communicate more effectively and build stronger teams, and use the tool in my dissertation study.

What was extra cool about this tool are there are eight facets that break down the personality profile and are easy for the recipient to understand. There are eight facets in this tool that identify behavioral tendencies. The best part, participants can relate easily to the color system to red, yellow, green, and blue. It also integrates well and brings added depth to other tools that practitioners use. As an organization development consultant, those are important issues and allow me to work easily with businesses that have used other tools. There is no loss of value, it includes “in addition to” value and ROI value for the leaders and employees of the organization.

What are the eight facets?

  • Extroversion,

  • Innovation,

  • Focus on Others,

  • Emotionally Oriented,

  • Reserved, Controlled,

  • Self-Focus,

  • Powerful.

Since I took the assessment, e-Stimate has added a grit score. Grit, the quality that reflects staying power for the long-haul. I love this word and really appreciate when someone says I have grit. :) grins! Grit is defined as “... the tendency to sustain interest in and effort toward very long-term goals.” (Psychology Today, Jan 8, 2014).