Case Study: Creating Processes and a Compliant Experiential Intern Program for StarterStudio


A new client of Pivot Business Consulting and Intern Pursuit is in the hospitality industry. Not in the traditional definition which is defined as “broad fields within the service industry that includes lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry.” (Wikipedia).

StarterStudio is a nonprofit that provides startups the needed resources to start, scale, and stay in-state in Florida. StarterStudio serves as hub for entrepreneurial start ups to access accelerator programs, events, resources, tools, mentors, collaborative work spaces, and funding opportunities.

Most nonprofits struggle with having enough human capital to get the work done. I began working with the StarterStudio leadership team to identify areas of need and provide solutions with the purpose of taking pressure off of the stretched thin small staff. I estimate the process to take 3 months and will allow the organization to obtain order in areas that have been neglected or unable to implement. For this client, I created a customized intern program to bring stability to the organization. My role as an organizational development consultant is to identify the process breaks or gaps and provide solutions to meet the need of the business. After a needs assessment, the following outcomes were identified.

  • Create processes and systems for the nonprofit board, organization, and members

  • Create training programs for staff, volunteers, interns, and new members

  • Create 5-star membership experience

  • Create talent pipeline to support the organization in the future

  • Provide existing staff to focus on higher areas of need and mentor intern talent

  • Provide tangible job skills for intern talent to help them stand out when ready to enter full time employment

Central Florida offers outstanding schools that provide degrees in hospitality such as

The experiential compliant intern program I created for StarterStudio pulls students from University of Central Florida and Valencia College in areas of hospitality management, marketing, and graphic design. I created a customized experiential intern program for my client and work with the client and intern talent to develop the processes the employer needs and provide job skills the intern needs for their resume. All of this has to be in compliance with the 2018 Department of Labor’s new criteria for internships.

Hospitality is big business and it is important for academic institutions and employers to partner to ensure students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to identify industry trends, close the skill gaps, and create job skills that align with trends. The interns working with StarterSt