How to Build an Innovative High Performing Culture - Start with First Principle Thinking

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I am listening to a number of podcasts lately. Some are by entrepreneurs I know personally like Brad Post with Create the Movement, Belinda Brown with Planting the Seeds of Change and Royce Gomez who has a Blog radio show called Thrive: A Woman's Journey. These relatively young entrepreneurial shows have great insight to share as much as the well-known hosts and shows. Check them out and share your thoughts with me or with these hosts.

Other podcasts are well known, like TedTalks, who doesn’t love TedTalks right? One of my favorite podcasts is by Entrepreneur magazine and called Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman as the host. I highly recommend this podcast. Inspiring, informative, educational, entertaining and has dynamic guests that are amazing. My two favorites so far are Mark Zuckerberg (Episode 4, Imperfect is Perfect) his mantra is “Move fast and break things.” The second fav is Reed Hastings, CEO of NetFlix (Episode 8, Culture Shock) and high performing culture with “First Principle Thinking.”

These two concepts of ‘Move fast and break things’ and First Principle Thinking,’ I believe are key to creating a high performing culture that yields extraordinary results. As an organizational consultant to entrepreneurial businesses, I see areas where businesses leaders can ‘pivot’ their mindset and obtain totally different results that can change ROI, employee engagement, commitment and performance. It starts with the leaders. This is obviously much easier to do with smaller organizations. However, it is more so about the leader’s willingness to embrace making mistakes and failing and being open with their customers. It is about innovating fast. The problem with innovation is that it can happen fast; however more often it happens slowly.

So the way to build a high performing culture are:

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