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Rollins College is my alma mater. I love my school. I chose Rollins because of its stellar reputation as the best liberal arts college in our state, outstanding faculty, student to professor ratio (no more than 20:1), and beautiful campus grounds. In Florida, when a person mentions they graduated from Rollins College, it opens doors. People know it provides an education that delivers on multiple levels.

As the owner of Pivot Business Consulting, I work with a lot of entrepreneurial employers (profit and nonprofit) and identify their project and process gaps. My background is in education and one of the methods I use to help entrepreneurs and nonprofits with those gaps is to bring in top talent that gets s**t done. Rollins students do not disappoint -- they are inquisitive, coachable, and have gray matter that embraces critical thinking and solves problems. Basically, they love the challenge same as I do.

Time out for a shameless plug. I have a team of students from many of central Florida’s largest schools working on Pivot’s SaaS software program called Intern Pursuit, it is in development and will launch this year. These students are brilliant and I don't think people recognize how eager they are to bring value and ROI to employers. I remember when I was a student and looking for an entry level opportunity. These software students get that break with my company.

Back on track again readers -- sharing fun facts about Rollins. Starting with a simple question -- did you know Rollins was established in 1885 and is recognized as the oldest college in the state of Florida?

Rollins offers prospective students a number of ways to attend. There is the traditional day program, evening program through the Rollins Evening School, and the Crummer Business School for those pursuing a MBA or a doctorate degree in business administration.

Now it is time to take a quiz about this gem of an academic institution that is in our backyard here in central Florida. Did you know that Rollins has ---

  • 80-acre campus features distinctive Spanish-Mediterranean architecture and was named the No. 1 Most Beautiful College Campus by The Princeton Review, 2015-2016, and one of the 50 Most Amazing College Campuses by The Best Colleges, 2011-14.

  • The one-of-a-kind Walk of Fame contains more than 500 stones gathered from the birthplaces of influential cultural and historical figures and engraved with their names.

  • Twenty-two varsity athletic teams and nine athletic facilities

  • Five fraternities, seven sororities, and more than 100 student organizations, ranging from social and cultural to service, special interest, and honorary.

  • A four-level, 54,000-square-foot library containing more than 300,000 volumes and over 50,000 serial title

  • More than 250 personal computers available for student use