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Luis Orbegoso, Previous Intern - Rollins College, Shares His Experience

Luis' first day with Pivot - our coworking space at BMDM Digital Media

Wisdom comes to those that seek it – and that’s exactly what I found at Pivot Business Consulting.

My story with Pivot begins at a career fair and ends with a decisive mindset.

I attended a career fair at my university in 2016, thinking to myself, “Wow, I’m actually starting the stage in my life where I have the power to mold and shape the way I want my career path to be.” As I’m walking the gym’s 2nd floor, adjusting my tie every 5 minutes and holding at least a good 50 copies of my resume, I was drawn by Pivot’s banner. Its layout was displayed professionally; however, I’d have to say the way that Pivot was described to me was even more appealing. Innovative, challenging, professional were some of the key words that made me choose Pivot over any booth in the building.

When I had the chance to interview with Isabella Johnston, CEO/Founder of Pivot Business Consulting, I couldn’t help but feel confident that I would grow in my area of interest. Isabella’s background in organizational development and business drive really presented themselves as she interviewed me. Isabella had her best interest in finding a role for me within Pivot that would not only challenge me but also assist me in improving and even applying what I had learned in my classes out in the real world.

A couple of my favorite experiences involved working with a florist’s new online software system which allowed its users to track and place orders much more efficiently than doing so by phone. We helped the client market this new software through social media, as well as through the implementation of a marketing plan I had the opportunity to design alongside fellow interns. The other project involved updating and innovating Pivot’s own marketing plan, a restructure that has since then benefited the company through a wave of incoming talent.

In my experience, the best thing I felt at Pivot was the empowerment provided by Isabella. She truly knows how to push you in order to unleash the inner leader you have within. Not only that, but she went as far as making me lead her while preparing marketing assignments or any other business related tasks. And that right there guys is what you don’t find very often nowadays. A Leader.

In all honesty, I could tell you guys all about what an internship is and what this place could turn out to be for you guys. But it will always be different for everyone, and I for one would like to let you find out and empower you to find out what Pivot can do for you. I just really want to emphasize the importance of a good leader within a company and how that drives interns, employees, and even people outside the company to become and perform at their best. I’ll never forget what Pivot did for me and how it opened up my mind. I came in thinking about pursuing a career in marketing, and moved on knowing that Brand Marketing is the career I see myself pursuing at this stage in my life. I believe Isabella has the potential to keep becoming an astonishing leader at what she does, and would like to thank her for what she eventually became – a mentor in life.

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