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How Pivot Helped This English Major Find A Career Path (Part 3)

It Exposed Me To Real Professionals Who Were Living My Aspirations

Although I filled out several goal sheets during my time with Pivot, and got hands on experience with many different types of work in several industries, it wasn’t until I met so many business professionals succeeding at working for themselves, and looking for the work I was doing—writing and research—that I truly believed being a freelance writer was possible.

And when you have to convince others that you’ll provide them with something more valuable than the money they’ll lose to get it, belief in the value of your service and in your ability to provide it is the only way to succeed.

It helped that I didn’t just get to gape at these professionals from afar, doing whatever work they provided, with Isabella as the middleman. Pivot makes sure that interns and clients meet and regularly interact, so that the intern truly learns and grows from their experience.

I also took a lot away from Pivot’s mentoring meetings, where clients put aside an hour of their day to discuss their areas of expertise with any interested interns. Through those events, I received practical and tailored advice on how to get started as a freelancer in Orlando, how to price my work, etc. Just as importantly, these business people were honest, but encouraging. Of course people needed copywriting, business writing, and editing services. I just had to go out and let people know I could solve their problems.

If not for Pivot, I’d be a lot more complacent and a lot less willing to pursue my goals than I am now. I might have even settled for a job in legal administration, working for someone else at a low but livable wage. But interning and working with Pivot has shown me that my career aspirations aren’t impossible or unrealistic—and, just as importantly, it’s shown me how to reach those aspirations.

I took a lot of wrong turns and false starts when I wasn’t working with Isabella, but when I returned with a new goal in mind, eager to try new projects, Isabella joyfully welcomed me back.

This third time with her, I’m finally ready to do the difficult, and often daunting work of freelancing. Yes, it’s taken some time for me to find the will, confidence, and courage to go for what I truly want, but now that I have, I couldn’t be happier that I pivoted.

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