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Pivoting Within Pivot: An Intern's Journey

So you work for this company. It’s been around for two years, and you’re trying to get your feet wet with this social media marketing stuff because you really aren’t sure what marketing is at this point.

Then, you find yourself having to completely change gears because the established company no longer exists. Pivot takes its place and you learn to do so as well. That’s where it all began--with a simple pivot.

I’ve worked with Pivot Business Consulting since its conception. We decided on the name of the company because we wanted something new and catchy, but also something that made sense. It was absolutely a team effort; no one individual ever has all the authority in anything we do.

I started out under the guise of Marketing Intern for three to four months, and started dabbling with Social Media outlets. I started teaching myself Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Todoist and other platforms that were meant to assist with Social Media marketing.

I created a sharable Excel file that allowed the company to track what content was utilized across the platforms and when. Hootsuite has allowed us to track the analytics--my favorite thing to do--and really hone my analytical skills--which still need work. In order to be part of Pivot, you have to understand what the word means: It is a shift in strategy, a change.

My year with Pivot can be broken down like this:

Months 1-3: Interning, learning the ropes, gaining perspective of the company and its workings.

Pivot Months 4-6: Interning with P+R Content Agency learning about the importance of manual building and digital content.

Pivot Months 7-9: Google Analytics became my baby. Hootsuite and I were best friends and I didn’t understand why anyone would not want to use the software that made life so much easier for everyone involved.

Pivot Now: No longer a marketing intern, I am the social media content specialist, complete with business cards. I attend networking events on a regular basis, review content from on-boarding interns into our social media platforms as well as our clients, and of course, review the analytics.

And so we Pivot.

There is one more pivot to be made on this pivotal journey. I have decided to move on to other adventures, in order to enhance my international relations skills. I have greatly enjoyed working with everyone at Pivot and wish everyone all the success and happiness the world can offer.

As for me? I’m pivoting once again.

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