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1MC Presenter - ReadyMade

1Mil Cups Companies ReadyMade - January 27, 2016 Prepared by Isabella Johnston, 1MC Orlando Organizer & CEO Pivot Business Consulting

Baby bottles that are ready to serve right off of the shelf? What comes to mind, is how someone has not provided that to the world! There are all kinds of beverages and water in ready to serve packaging, and the ability to provide a solution to parents in emergency situations is huge! While extremely convenient for the western world, think how incredibly helpful this product is for humanitarian and disaster relief situations! ReadyMade offers a sterile pre-filled liquid ready-to-feed bottle.

Matthew Marsh is the CEO of the company and the founder, Dr. Corwin Littell is the President and founder of ReadyMade.

Infant formula is big business - $30 billion a year and growing. What gets better is the product is recyclable and environmental safe and a patented process.

For more information contact Matthew Marsh (CEO) at Website:




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