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1MC Presenter - IQ Onsite

IQ Onsite – Formed June 2015 by James Beckmann and presented January 13, 2016 at 1MC Orlando. IQ Onsite is a messaging app for schools to better communicate with parents and students. This hot new tech app is part of the UCF Business Incubator out of Daytona Beach, Florida.

Now you may have heard of CRM, this is not the same tech. Think mCRM (sounds like a fancy formula or math term right?) mCRM means mobile campus relationship management. This app is designed to transform how campus safety departments interact with students, faculty and parents. The cool part is this is already in use at Daytona State College and Volusia County School District. More schools pending Q1 2016.

Beckmann saw a problem on college campuses – lack of resources with old technology (think blue light special and phones on poles) that address reactive measures rather than proactive and early intervention options. IQ Onsite offers the ability for bystanders to make

it easier to report suspicious activity or actions that may require assistance. The mCRM software tracks all reports with a time and date stamp, description and report. The system enables a school to index and catalog reports for easy retrieval, along with proper formatting for state and federal compliance pertinent to public reporting.

For parents, this can give peace of mind knowing your kids have an extra layer of protection and academic institutions can include better technology on the campus.

Contact James Beckmann at 702-293-9568, Email:

IQ Onsite’s website and follow on Twitter @iqonsite

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