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1 MC Presenter - Millennial BioFuels

Millennial BioFuels, LLC –Michael (Dan) Crippen (founder) presented January 6, 2016 at 1MC Orlando. Interesting backstory about Dan. When he started working for his grandfather's petroleum distribution services company. He learned everything from building to repairing and maintaining gas stations and even occasionally tearing them down. He worked in this profession every summer until he turned 18. One day he was tasked with cleaning up the spill of an underground tank that had burst spreading fuel over miles of rural farmland. That was his epiphany moment! He would grow fuel. You might be asking, what is biodiesel fuel exactly? It is a fuel that is similar to diesel fuel and usually derived from vegetable sources (as soybean oil).

Now Dan is on a mission to globalize large-scale production of biodiesel and other alternative fuels to replace international dependence on harmful and costly fossil fuels. The solution this young millennial saw is to provide low-cost contract processing services from agricultural, algae, and waste oils. This keeps fuel costs crazy low, improves our environment, and brings energy solutions that are not dependent on fossil fuels. Check out Millennial BioFuels video on the 1MC Orlando YouTube channel to see the pitch. You may reach Dan at and 727-271-9916. Website:

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