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Welcome to

Pivot Business Consulting


We are glad you’re here — we want to make things easy for you and help you with the onboarding process. We hope to create an inviting environment that lets you become the best Pivotopian that you can be and we want to help you learn and grow in the process.

Let’s Get Started

Once you get started be sure to connect with us on our social media channels. You can read our blog articles, listen to our podcast The Intern Whisperer, and even play our Intern Pursuit game created by Cat5 Studios.


1.3 Policies and Procedures

If you want to read up on our policies and learn about what to expect at Pivot Business Consulting, then we’d like to invite you to look through our Employee Handbook. There is an all digital version and a downloadable pdf for your convenience.

1.4 Platforms You Will Use

Now that you’re a part of a great team, be sure to download the right programs for your respected team. That way we can cut right to the chase and get you started as soon as possible.

1.5 Digital Paperwork

On your first day, you'll need to bring some documents that fulfill your I-9 requirements. The simplest of these is your driver's license and original Social Security card. If you do not have these, then a passport will cover for both. There are other options available to meet these requirements here. Please also bring a voided check to set up direct deposit.

1.6 Equipment


Make sure to have high speed internet access, a phone, and a working PC or Mac device with you.


When working on-site it is mandatory that you bring a laptop computer and charging cord with you.

1.7 Parking

Avalon Innovation Office


Location: 3680 Avalon Park East Blvd., Ste. 300. Orlando, FL 32828

Street Parking: Free parking options are available directly around the Avalon Innovation Center. You can come and leave at any time.

Orlando Game Space

orlando gamespace.jpg

Location: 421 E Robinson St, Orlando, FL 32801

Street Parking: Orlando Game Space features a free parking lot dedicated to buildings nearby. Just make sure the game team knows you are coming before you park.

1.8 The First Day

We get that starting a brand new job can be stressful. We want to make sure that you know what to expect to ease your tension on the first day. Be sure to speak with Isabella to discuss which location to work at if you are working on-site, or to discuss details of the remote working process. You will meet different team members depending on your job position, so be sure to keep an eye out for us. Don’t worry, we are very friendly and easy going. We are excited to have you aboard our team.

1.8 Meet The Team

We have several members on each team of talented individuals, here are just a few to get you well acquainted. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.



2.0 Resources

All of our team resources are shared with each other through Google Drive. You will receive access to different projects and files depending on your job position. It is mandatory that you save all the files to your Google Drive folder. That way others can access these files if need be.

2.1 Team Meetings

We will have several team meetings throughout your time here at Pivot Business Consulting, some are on-site and some are remote. We visit learning events, work to improve connections, and update you with our business information. Topics can include process updates, important messages, announcements, new business, or open forum discussions. Meetings with the Game Team are hosted remotely on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m weekly.

2.2 Final Words

Congratulations, you’ve made it! You now have the knowhow and tools to become successful at Pivot Business Consulting. Thank you for being a part of the team and we look forward to doing great work with you.

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